Choosing Your Appliances

What’s best for MY training?

A Casualty Simulation Appliance is used to simulate a realistic wound or trauma.

Falselife currently has Casualty Simulation products available in two styles.

FALSELIFE FAST TRACK APPLIANCES – For simulations where you have multiple students (or casualties) and are looking to apply quick, durable wounds with a minimal amount of labor and prep time, Falselife’s line of Fast Track Appliances may be the fit you are looking for.

Made of reinforced silicone, these appliances come with basic blood and flesh tone pigments already permanently adhered. These wounds are roughly 2-3mm thick and are attached to the Casualty Simulation actor with straps. They are able to be cleaned with 99% Isopropanyol making them easy to sanitize between classes, and additional make up or blood may be added as required.

These wounds are meant to go under ripped garments as edges will be visible due to the thickness of the silicone required to create an extremely durable product able to undertake the stresses of repetitive use in a classroom situation and are not meant to be adhered to the skin.

Falselife’s silicone Casualty Simulation appliances are latex free, making them safe for any training scenario and the adjustable straps provide a secure hold to your actors.

Custom requests are welcome! Please contact us with any questions. Please read the Fast Track Appliance Care Sheet before using these items.

FALSELIFE TRUE WOUND APPLIANCES – For training scenerios where you have the luxury of time to perform a more in depth make- up application, Falselife’s True Wounds are very realistic and easier to apply and blend than old style latex wounds and being 100% silicone there is no fear of a reaction to latex. Not only useful for Casualty Simulation, but also suitable for theatre productions and film shoots.

Pieces are applied using a silicone adhesive (not included) and once applied, will stay on your actor until removed. Sweat and repetitive movement will no longer be a problem as the silicone based adhesive is very strong and skin safe. An alcohol activated make up can be used to add finishing touches to the appliance as well on location.

Available in various flesh tones as well as clear, we are sure to have the wound you are looking for or will be able to meet your needs with a custom wound. Please contact Falselife with regards to pricing and types of True Wounds available.