About Falselife

Greetings and thank you for taking an interest in Falselife and its products. Falselife was created with the goal in mind to create the most realistic training aids possible for the First Aid and Trauma Industries. When creating these products, I wanted to not only supply an item with a realistic flesh feel, but also save trainers preparation time in the classroom and hopefully relieve some stress that tends to come with doing makeup on multiple casualties. I have achieved this through a process of permanent paint and blood work on each item, combined with an easy strap system allowing for quick changes with minimal prep time. In most cases, all that is required to complete any scenario is some ripped clothing, a little extra blood and a casualty willing to act their heart out!

Being the sculptor, painter and creative force behind Falselife, allows me full control from beginning to end. Working closely with clients I am able to easily meet requests such as skin tone, custom paint jobs, strapping variations and more.

Not only limited to First Aid and Trauma products, I also create many pieces of custom work. In the past, this has included a custom zombie head bust for a collector in New York, as well as four severed heads on fifteen foot pikes for a documentary about the War of 1812 which aired on TVO and is available on DVD. I have fabricated custom props inspired by the Harry Potter franchise, many pieces of gore for haunted houses such as severed heads, arms and hunks of human flesh and even rat noses for a theatre production amongst other things. Faliselife is no stranger to creating custom pieces of work and I always encourage clients to come forth with any ideas they may have to make their training visions a reality.

Faslelife is constantly creating, growing and adding to our merchandise line. We look forward to working with you, exceeding your expectations, and building a lasting relationship while adding value to your training processes and giving you that extra realism you have been looking for.